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Tax credit reminders from HMRC

We are now in the midst of the tax credits renewals period. Families and individuals that receive tax credits should ensure that they renew their tax credit claims by 31 July 2016. Claimants who do not renew on-time may have their payments stopped.

HMRC has confirmed that it is notifying people claiming tax credits by SMS and voice message, to update or confirm their circumstances if the details they hold differ from the information shown on their employer records. HMRC will also be contacting some tax credits claimants by text message to remind them to renew their tax credits. These phone messages are genuine.

HMRC is working with a company called Concentrix to check that people are receiving the correct amount of tax credits. Some tax credits claimants will receive a letter or phone call from Concentrix. These are also genuine but neither HMRC nor Concentrix will request any personal or payment information by text or email from claimants.

Any of our readers who are unsure as to the authenticity of any email or other contact purporting to be from HMRC should not respond until they are satisfied that the contact is legitimate. HMRC is urging people to renew their tax credits as soon as possible to avoid the last minute summer rush.


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